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The Oasis Hotel in Torrette di Fano offers to its tourists a lot of ideas to spend the best holiday. Many events and excursions to the discovery of the hinterland and the Adriatic Riviera.

The International Festival of Brodetto and Fish Soups

A long history, which speaks of the Adriatic sea, wolves of the sea and good food. The Festival is held every year in the first days of July, in the centre of Fano, to know the maritime tradition in local and stage culture of international dining options. Talk show, appetizers, seafood, street food, presentation of books, a cooking show with tasting, concerts, a competition between amateur cooks that crowns the best soup of the tradition, and much more.

The carnival of Fano

The carnival Of Fano is one of the most ancient carnivals in Italian, was born to celebrate the reconciliation of two important families of that era. Always takes place in the months of January and February, and involves adults and kids, including parade of allegorical floats, masked festivals, award ceremonies, exhibitions, music and markets. One of the most important moments is the “Jet”, which is the release from the wagons of many sweets and candies.

Fair Antique Market

Since 1980 the city every month, it hosts exhibitors of furniture, furniture, ceramics, silver, jewelery, lace, sacred and profane objects, all traditional and ancient. The fair is held on the second Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday and is an event that has always received the benefit of the public and of the people of the place.

Festival of European Music

Every year on the 21st of June, many Italian and european cities are held many concerts of live music mainly in the open air and with the participation of musicians of every level and of every kind. Everyone has the right to speak and the musicians are free to invade the squares, the stations, the museums, the gardens to create a spirit of sharing and celebration.

Vitruvius 3.0, Harmony under the stars

The summer concert season is organized by the Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini and the Chorus of the Teatro della Fortuna - Mezio Agostini, in collaboration with the Culture Councillorship of the Municipality of Fano, with the aim of giving a luster, and harmony to the city, thanks to the achievement of rules and the construction even in the music.

Fano Jazz by the Sea

Culture and sustainability are the elements characterising the event, " Fano Jazz by the Sea jazz festival brings the best musicians of the genre in the city since 1993, with 26 years. It is usually held in the last days of July, and also involves the Green Jazz Village with art exhibitions, crafts and educational workshops.

Feast of the Sea

In the first half of the month of August it is held in the port of Fano, the traditional Sea Festival which includes celebrations, food and wine events, and concludes with a spectacular display fireworks on the sea. It has now become a fixed appointment for citizens and for tourists.

The Palio of Contrade

The event takes place the last week of August in the Pine forest of Ponte Metauro in Fano, that is the background to the medieval atmosphere of the event. You'll find yourself surrounded by peasants, soldiers, archers, knights in period clothes who will be delighted in the many skillful challenges of dexterity.

Fano International Film Festival

The festival over the years has grown in prestige and has become a reference point for the filmmakers, the industry and the specialized press, and it serves as a moment of encounter and sharing for all of the Italian independent cinema and foreign. Held in the month of October.

Festival of Cultural Journalism

Four days in Urbino, Pesaro and Fano, where it will host prominent personalities in the cultural sector, professionals, journalists and critics, museum directors and managers to talk and exchange ideas about journalism and its changes over the years.

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